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As a leader in the field of cam shaft lobe welding, a damaged cam shaft can be welded and reground to a better than new condition and in most cases this can be accomplished with far less investment than the cost of a new replacement camshaft for rare, vintage or exotic applications!

Steve Demos, since 1980 has been a skilled craftsman in the industry of camshaft design and engineering, offering you the highest quality cams available!

Demos Cams uses Cam Pro Plus Cam Profiler to produce state of the art computerized digital read out instructions to generate exact reproduction CNC Masters for their cam shaft restoration."

Cam shaft profiles can be read to .0001° of lift and .1° degree of rotation. This same equipment is used extensively to verify quality control of all Demos Cams finished products!

Every Demos Cams hand ground cam offers better timing and better performance with break-in lubrication and timing card.

Combine our superior product with timely turnaround and complete confidentiality

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